Boliden Bergsøe A/S

- supplier of solder tin

Safety data sheets

Lead and lead alloys in ingots, sticks and sheets

Antimonial lead
Lead metal

Tin an solder tin alloys sticks, ingots and wire

Lead free solder tin alloys HQ005, HQ300, HQ305, HQ350, HQ350P, HQ387, HQ400, HQ405, Starli LF2/LF3/SB3, Sn99,5Cu0,4, Sn75Zn25
Solder tin with lead (Hafnia, Starli, Starli HQ/X/Refresher, 90Sn, Sn60Pb38Cu2, Sn60Pb38Cu2P, Sn62Pb36Ag2, Sn39Pb60Bi1, Bera Super Tin Solder, Fluks, HK, Bera re-galvanizing)
Tin Sn99,9, Sn99,85, HQ000

White metal

White metal BK Special
White metal with lead (Bera 73, Beraco, Freja 1A, Freja 2, Roses 96, Roses 96-100, Sn8Sb15Pb77, Sn4Sb12Pb84)
White metal with lead (FLS 410, Frederik VIII, Venus)
Lead free white metal (Bera 3, Bera 5W, Bera HS, BK Special, Freja 1A Extra, G)

Bera products

BERA soldering fat
BERA Soldering Water 188
BERA Soldering Water Concentrated/Autokoeler/Effekto 1
BERA-Fix solder paste
Tinning Bera